Baking and Cookie Sheets; Why these Useful Sheets are so Versatile

Baked goodies are a favorite among countless people, and for good reason. Think about some of the tasty delicacies you can make in your oven, we’re talking anything from delicious chocolate chip cookies to some buttery and moist biscuits. If you’re in the market for something a bit more savory however, maybe some sheet pan garlic chicken or some spicy kimchi nachos would tickle your fancy? Today we’re sticking with sweet and doughy goodies, but the one thing you’re going to need to make any of these scrumptious baked goods; a baking or cookie sheet. An essential part of the baking process, there really isn’t much you can’t do with these sheets.

Cookies and Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies are delicious treats that will put a smile on anyone’s face. And with so many gluten-free and health-conscious options now available everyone can enjoy a nice warm cookie, guilt-free. What every cookie has in common is the need to be baked on a cookie sheet. Designed to evenly bake cookies and allow them to easily slide off once done, a good cookie sheet is key to those crisp and moist cookies everyone loves. With most cookie sheets you have free-reign to use a variety of non-stick methods, from butter to non-stick spray. These non-stick methods are more than just preferential, they can have a huge affect on the flavor of your cookies.

Using butter for example is a great way to get not only moist and savory cookies but also equally as decadent baked goodies as well. Utilizing more butter in baked goods in fact has helped popularize some now-well known companies. Ever hear of Tate’s? They’ve exploded in popularity for good reason, their decadently buttery cookies are the perfect snack at any time of day. But we cannot deny that those bad boys are expensive. Baking sheets allow us to save the high priced cookies for the wealthy and make much more delicious examples right at home!

If you’d like to prolong the life of your baking sheet even more, then consider using a silicone baking mat or even some parchment paper when baking. This is going to keep your surface free from baked on grease and scratches from spatulas or turners. It is far too easy to scratch the surface of these sheets, so some accident-prone folk may want to add these to their shopping list.

Utilizing baking and cookie sheets is a must for anyone looking to make delicious sweet goodies, or equally as delicious savory goodies!


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