Commercial Kitchen Deep Fryers

Stainless Steel Deep Fryers
Commercial Kitchen USA has a great selection of stainless steel deep fryers.
These are a must have in any kitchen. Our stainless steel deep fryers will be a
welcome addition in your restaurant and allow you to maximize your work space
efficiency. Fried foods are extremely prevalent on today’s menus across America
and you need a great stainless steel deep fryer to do the job right. Commercial
Kitchen has an incomparable array of stainless steel deep fryers such as the
Countertop Double Tank Deep Fryer from Adcraft. This stainless steel deep fryer
has a double tank and can cook up to 15 pounds of food per hour per tanks,
which is an immense capacity for your kitchen. The tank alone has a generous
six liter capacity along with graduation marking for proper oil levels. There are
also convenient drop handles so it’s easy to clean. Independent temperature
control switches are on this stainless steel deep fryer allow you to adjust up to
375 degrees and it also has an overheat sensor for safety. Two nickel plated wire
mesh baskets have collapsible handles which are heat proof so the kitchen
workers don’t have to worry about burning their hands while handling them.

Stainless Steel deep fryers are an integral part of a kitchen because of how many
different kinds of foods you can fry with them. Everything from fish to desserts
can be made in our wonderful stainless steel deep fryers. They are all made with
amazingly sturdy construction and come with free shipping to the continental
United States. Commercial Kitchen prides itself on providing your business with a
wonderful selection of commercial stainless steel deep fryers and only the best
customer services in the industry. Come browse our wonderful selection of
stainless steel deep fryers at Commercial Kitchen USA! Your satisfaction is our
only goal!

Commercial Kitchen Deep Fryers



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