Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Sinks

Commercial Kitchen USA has a vast array of stainless steel 3 compartment sinks to choose from to fit all of your commercial food prep needs. Our stainless steel sinks are made with 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel so they are tough and durable and can withstand all that you can throw at them. All of our stainless steel sinks are NSF Certified so you can rest assured that they have gone through extensive product testing and material analyses and can handle all of your tough jobs. NSF certification is a must when choosing a stainless steel sink for your kitchen. These sinks come with three bowls. This is ideal so you can wash, rinse, and sanitize as is standard in most restaurant applications. This will ensure that all of your glasses, dishware, and equipment is always clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our sinks can accommodate an 8” center wall-mount faucet. The galvanized legs add another layer of stability to the 3 compartment sinks and allow them to hold an impressive amount of weight. Adjustable bullet feet allow you to have a stable sink when you are facing a situation with an uneven floor in the kitchen. You don’t want your sink moving around on you while you have an important job to do. This cannot be overstated when stability and safety is at stake. Drains are also included on all of our stainless steel sinks. Come shop our line of great stainless steel 3 compartment sinks at Commercial Kitchen USA today!



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