Why giveaways are important and your chance to WIN a Faucet!

Benefits of Social Media Giveaways


Everyone loves free stuff, giveaways hosted a mediums as popular as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will get a lot of eyes on your page and ultimately your business, which is the whole reason you’re on social media in the first place, right? Here are some quick benefits associated with hosting social media giveaways or your audience and what it can ultimately mean for your business.


  1. Increases Engagement- Free stuff will attract new and relevant fans from all over the internet. Translation? More people engaging in your page by posting, commenting, liking, pinning, whatever it is, they’re engaged in your page because they were brought there by the prospect of something free.
  2. Help Build Your Community- Most giveaways entail sharing the contest. Friends and family of whoever saw your giveaway are now going to be aware of you and your business. This is kind of interesting in that as a business owner, you’re almost entering into the audience’s community. Once they share you and your post, you’re in.
  3. It Gives People a Reason to Follow- Incentivization is something that everyone can get behind. Lots of people will follow and like pages based on past contests, giving businesses a nice boost in both.


With all of that being said, CommercialKitchenUSA.com is proud to be hosting a giveaway of our very own. Liking and following is as easy as clicking your mouse, we’ve posted our giveaway on our Facebook page and below below you’ll find our rules, get ready to start following and liking:


  • Like the post, our Commercial Kitchen USA Facebook page and the official  CustomKitchensUSA twitter and Instagram pages.
  • Like and share the daily post that will go live everyday of the contest


That’s it! Visit our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest giveaways, commercial kitchen news, tips, and exclusive offers!



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