Omcan MANUAL DOUGH DIVIDER ITEM: 10839 Free Freight


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Omcan MANUAL DOUGH DIVIDER ITEM: 10839 Free Freight

Evenly cut 30 pieces of dough by using Omcan's manual dough divider! It features an elevated, extra long handle for easy single handled operation. Made with stainless steel construction for easy cleaning. Ideal for restaurants and bakeries to create those perfectly even baked goods and rolls!

  • DESCRIPTION: Dough Divider - makes 30 pieces
  • MINIMUM LOAD: 2.2 lbs. /1kg of dough/ 30 rolls with 33 grams
  • MAXIMUM LOAD: 6.6 lbs. /3kg of dough / 30 rolls with 100 grams
  • DIMENSIONS (DWH): 17.71” x 17.71” x 43.5”
  • NET WEIGHT: 73 lbs. / 33 kg.
  • Cuts 30 pieces of dough
  • Minimum load capacity of 2.2 to 6.6 lbs. of dough
  • Constructed of white enamel finish
  • Free Commercial Flat Rate Freight to a Commercial Address in the Continental United States
  • Lift Gate Not Included


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